Teeth Whitening

Shine Like a Diamond

Fed up of hiding your stained or lacklustre teeth? If we told you that you could brighten your smile to a B1 shade in just two weeks, your first question would probably be “what’s B1?” B1 is the brightest shade of natural white it’s possible to achieve for your teeth.

Don’t have the time to hang around and wait? We all live busy lifestyles. We also offer a quicker treatment option for speedy results.

We’re proud to offer both Enlighten and Boutique, two of the most popular teeth whitening treatments out there.

You’ll get a set of trays to wear at night.
You’ll add the whitening solution

Enlighten: Say Goodbye to Stained Teeth

All manner of life’s pleasures stain teeth; from that strong early-morning coffee to your favourite jalfrezi from the balti house down the road. The unfortunate fact is that it’s often things we don’t want to cut out of our lives causing the stains.

Thankfully, there’s no need to eliminate everything you love. There are easier ways.

Enlighten is an at-home whitening treatment. You’ll get a set of trays to wear at night. You’ll add the whitening solution, and over the course of two weeks, your teeth will lighten by up to 16 shades.

If you’ve got sensitive teeth, don’t worry. Enlighten works without leaving you clutching your mouth. A special serum makes the experience feel like a breeze.

After your two weeks, we’ll get you to come in to see us, and we’ll deliver your final treatment.

Boutique: For a Stunning Instagramable Smile

If you’d prefer a shorter whitening experience, we can help. Boutique is a popular treatment that delivers exceptional results in the shortest possible time frame. If you’ve got an important occasion lined up, we’ll make sure your shine sparkles in all the photos.

Wearing Boutique’s custom-made trays for just an hour a day can dramatically lighten your smile and brighten your day.

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