Brace Yourself for a New You

If you’re someone who holds back the happiest of smiles because you’re embarrassed about crooked teeth, we’ve got you covered. Let us introduce you to Invisalign®, the revolutionary clear aligners guaranteed to remedy all kinds of orthodontic issues.

There once was a time when teeth straightening meant clunky train tracks trundling across your pearly whites. Thankfully, times have changed and discretion is the new norm.

Invisalign® uses a series of virtually invisible custom-made trays that gently coax your teeth into shape. Overcrowded, misaligned, and gappy teeth will become just a memory as we take you on a journey to find a smile you can be proud of.

Digital Impressions and scans of your teeth
Treatment drawn up using state-of-the-art software

A Tailored Approach to Straighter Teeth

Every treatment plan we create is completely tailored to you. We start by taking digital impressions and scans of your teeth in their current position. Then, using state-of-the-art planning software, the course of your Invisalign® treatment is drawn up.

This treatment plan shows exactly how your teeth will move and what you’ll look like when the work is done. Once you’re happy with the proposed results, we’ll get your first aligners made.

How Invisalign® Works

While your aligners will become your new best friend, don’t get too attached. Every couple of weeks, we’ll give you a new set to wear. Each new aligner is slightly different to the last and will tease your teeth into a slightly different position – inching ever closer to the perfect smile.

The length of your treatment and the number of different aligners you’ll get will depend on how much work it’ll take to realign your teeth. Don’t worry — we’ll tell you how long it’ll take for you when we create your treatment plan.

One of the beauties of Invisalign® is that you can take them out while you eat. So, no need to worry about getting food trapped in hard-to-clean spaces. We recommend you wear the aligners as much as possible, but since they’re lightweight and invisible, you’ll barely notice they’re in.

What Are the Benefits
of Invisalign®?

We think you’ll be chuffed with the results of Invisalign®. Here’s why:

See your smile
before the treatment.

Gone are the days of hoping you’ll look amazing after your treatment — we can now show your new smile before we start.

Speedy smiles

We’ll straighten your smile in as little as 12-18 months.

As close to invisible as possible

We haven’t quite mastered witchcraft or wizardry, but these clear aligners work without being seen.

Regular progress checks

We’ll keep an eye out to make sure your treatment plan remains on course.

Corrects a range of problems

Invisalign® can help with misalignments, gaps, overcrowding, crossbite, overbite, underbite, and more.

Suitable for teens and adults

It’s never too late to straighten your teeth.

Take the First Step to
Straighter Teeth Now

Starting your journey to a smile, you’ll love starts with one little phone call. Get in touch with our friendly
team now and find out why we love Invisalign® so much.