General Dentistry

Here for the Whole Family

Oral health is important for everyone, at every stage of your life. Whether it’s you, your kids, your partner, your mum, or your great uncle Dai, Grand Valley Dental will care for their teeth.

We’ll help teach younger family members how to brush, and make sure the transition from baby to adult teeth is smooth. As they age, we’ll keep an eye on the position of the teeth we’ve watched grow.

Decay can strike at any age, young or old, we’ll fill teeth, carry out root canal treatments, or replace any that you lose.

At the heart of everything we do is the routine checkup. Book yours today.


Sugar and starch on your teeth make tasty meals for your mouths’ bacteria. As this plaque bacteria feeds on everything in sight, they turn it into enamel-eroding acid. This is how cavities form.

In an ideal situation, we’ll spot cavities in a routine checkup long before you start to feel any sensitivity. As cavities get worse, they’ll cause your teeth to become sensitive and bring discomfort and pain.

Nobody wants to hear the words “you need a filling”, but placing them is a straightforward, routine procedure with a very high success rate.

If you’re experiencing sensitivity or toothache, get in touch to arrange a checkup.

Root Canal Treatment

Dental decay that digs in deeper to the core of your tooth may require a more exhaustive treatment. Your root canals extend down into your jaw bone and contain dental pulp; a collection of blood vessels and connective tissues.

When the root canals become infected, it can be very painful and you run the risk of losing your tooth. We need to act fast!

Root canal treatment will clear out the infected pulp and restore your tooth to good health. It’s a simple procedure that can make a huge impact on your dental health.

Here for You in an Emergency

Nobody can plan for a dental emergency, but we can certainly do our best to get you into the practice to be seen as early as possible.

Whether it’s sudden intense dental pain, bleeding, or damage to a tooth, we’ll find ways to relieve discomfort, then diagnose, and set a plan in place for treatment.

Get in touch as early as you can and we’ll turn your crisis around.

A Welcome in the
Valley for All

Grand Valley Dental is here for the oral health of Tonyrefail. Whether you’re new to the practice or an
old friend, you’re always welcome.

For appointments for you or the rest of the family, get in touch today.